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Global solutions for high-quality, low-cost glass processing machines.    

Xinglass America


During machine fabrication, every process is under strict quality control out of more than 800 processes 

Global solutions

We provide global solutions and services of  glass machinery to more than 16 countries in the world


Through many years of manufacturing experience, we understand how to meet and surpass customers’ requirement in all aspects.


With advanced glass machinery technology, we have produced and delivered latest machines and service to a vast amount of glass companies. 


We design standard or customized  glass processing machines based on your demand and provide you the machines which are best for your business


We have been devoting large amounts of time and energy to the research on high-performance, high-efficiency, and high-reliability machines   

Xinglass America provides global solutions for glass processing machines. With advanced glass machinery technology, we have been developing a diversified competitive products. We devote to research, development, manufacture and sale of high-quality, low-cost glass processing machines. 

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