Xinglass America


Who we are

Xinglass America is a glass machinery supplier for high-quality, low-cost glass processing machines. 

Our Products

Tempering Furnace for Flat Glass/Bend Glass, Washing Machine, Glass Laminating Machine, Edging Machine, Drilling Machine, CNC Machine and other customized, special equipment for glass further processing. 

Our Service

The U.S. based Technical Support and Consultancy Service. 

Totally different from a machine distributor, we provide a brand new service in the glass industry, we assist you with selecting a machine from China! Since we have good relationships with many Chinese manufacturers, we tell you which machine is your best choice of all.

Our Values

Our machines have superior performance, high-efficiency production, low energy consumption, reliable functionality, and cutting-edge price. We have developed a steady market in more than 16 countries, striding forward to the global market, and receiving high praise from all of our clients.

Our Business

We have been cultivating a deeper understanding of our customer’s demands, which brings us much closer to our clients, building strong relationships and trust. Our glass tempering lines have been deployed in more than 16 states in the U.S. 

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Every year, our products are shown at the largest Glass Expo in the U.S. -GlassBuildAmerica - the Glass, Windows & Door Expo.  

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