QX-GTFB Tempering Furnace for Flat/Bent Glass




□ Bend and Flat glass made in the same machine

□ Temper all glass types with excellent quality

□ High heat-resistance insulation materials save 25% energy

□ Intelligent heating control algorithms

□ New air convection technology

□ Flexible heating chamber design, single, double or multi-chamber configuration

□ Optimized quenching process design to reduce most defects

□ Customized design to reach highest performance

□ Hard axis and soft axis available for different applications

□ QX-smart digital control system


Brief introduction of Flat/Bend Glass Tempering Furnace Series

This furnace is mainly used for manufacturing flat/bend tempered glass for household electrical appliances, decoration, household and architecture products, and large size flat/bend tempered glass for buildings or other use. It is composed of Loading Section, Heating Section, Bent Quenching Section, Flat Quenching Section, Unloading Section, Blowing System and Electrical Control System. 

The normal disposal of processing flat/bend tempered glass is that flat and bent air bars are beside the two ends of Heating Section. When it is producing bent glass, glass goes from the Loading Section, through the Flat Quenching section, then heated in the Heating Section, when it is heated to a certain temperature in the heating section, then quickly moves out and enters into the Bent Quenching Section to finish formation and quenching. When it is producing flat glass, glass goes from the other end of the Heating Section to enter the Heating Section, after going out of the heating section, glass enters the Flat Quenching Section to be tempered, then unloaded on the Unloading Section.

The construct specialty of this machine is: have bidirectional moving function, can highly improve glass quality. All the products meet the standards of GB/T9656-1998, GB/T9963-1998 and tempering standard of JIS R 3206. Our machines have Safety-first multi-protection systems, and is user-friendly. The characteristic is high production efficiency, excellent quality, and low energy consumption.

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